The most intense and exciting racing game you've ever seen.

2-4 players              12 years and up             45-90 minutes

Megapulse is an adrenaline-filled, action-packed, fast-paced futuristic racing game, featuring:

Simultaneous Action Selection - Charge Nitro, Drift through curves, Shoot opponents, Leave bombs or Hack the race systems. Plan your sequence, adapt, and improvise. There's always a way to go faster. Your strategy is yours to decide.

Insanely fun hand-building experience - Powerful, combo-building and game-changing upgrade cards can be added or traded in your hand. Each upgrade provides a unique, never-seen-before new ability. Will you build the fastest or the deadliest hovercar?

Tight gameplay until the end - With simple rules that you can bend to fit your playstyle, each turn is a mind game against your opponents, with exploding action and legendary comebacks. Will you find the perfect play to storm through the finish line?

Become a Champion.

Nick Leedy

This is a tight, fast-paced race with tons of action! If you are looking for a high-intensity racing game with an abundance of abilities to turn the tide of the race, this is the game for you.


Joé Deschesnes

It's been more than a month since I played Megapulse and I still crave for it. I'd just love to share this game with all my friends and family and play it over and over.


Dave Beck

It felt like a Tron-ified Flamme Rouge after drinking 15 energy drinks, and something I could see introducing to gateway gamers and playing with my heavier gaming group again and again.


1- Create a Track

Select one of the 30+ suggested tracks, or create your own. Megapulse uses modular tiles to help your creativity run wild.


Tight curves, converging and diverging paths, crossroads, arenas, thin alleys, long stretches, it's up to you to decide in what environment to race


Boost pads that gives you speed, nitro, resistance and pulses are scattered around the tiles to allow strategic plays.

2- Select a Game Mode

Choose a game mode among a wide variety that will test your skills, wit, teamwork and problem-solving.

In RACE modes, try to go as fast as you can and storm through the finish line first. Falling too much behind will trigger your Catalyst: a powerful state of self-awareness where your pilot is at its most capable of a massive comeback.

In DERBY modes, destroy your opponents while dodging their attacks in order to keep racing longer than them. Each pilot has its own unique Maneuver to become the bigger threat, even in dangerous face-to-face confrontations.



Be the first racer to complete all laps. Upgrade your hovercar while racing to outplay your opponents.

Champion - Man.jpg


Specialty: Speed

Catalyst: Drift

The Champion is a selfish, ruthless opponent. He only thinks about one thing: Winning. And he's ready to achieve his goals at all costs. No one will claim his title. No one.

3- Choose a Pilot

Select a persona among the 8 drivers available. Each one has 3 unique elements: Their Specialty, their Catalyst, and their Maneuver.

A pilot's Specialty is an advantage they possess on a card or dashboard. This is a unique, key difference that allows them to outplay their opponents in a unique way during any race.

A pilot's Catalyst is a moment of realization and internalized inner monologue. It happens when everything seems lost, and that's when the pilot rises into their ultimate element, becoming more powerful than anyone could have thought.

A pilot's Maneuver is a special move allowed by their hovercar that can be used as an attack to turn the tide of a Derby race.

Francis Gadoury

High quality game. I am not a fan of racing or "take that" games and yet I enjoy this game tremendously. A game that will not sleep on a tablet!


Eric Bettinger

It is exactly the type of game it is trying to be. Unique enough racing game to find a spot in my collection next to Steampunk Rally. Tons a variability, really enjoyed it!


Gus Delvaux

For me a unique experience. It's tactical, fast, little downtime and super emerging. A futuristic race game that lets you drift and throw bombs at your opponents. Can't wait to add it to my collection.


1- Choose 2 action cards


Each player simultaneously and secretly chooses 2 action cards from their hand, then reveal their choices at the same time. These cards will provide strategic and powerful moves during that player's turn.

RAPIDSHIFT: Either gain more speed, or activate a powerful drifting sequence that lasts for the round, allowing you to race through curves effortlessly.

SIDETHRUST: Gain a massive thrust that moves you sideways.

NITROSPEED: Either charge your nitro tank, or consume what you've been charging to gain a burst of vertiginous speeds.

MEGABOMB: Leave a bomb behind you that can detonate in a massive explosion.

ULTRAFIRE: Send dangerous plasma missiles to anyone or anything unlucky enough to be within your sight.

CYBERGRID: Hack the hovercars interlinked AI systems to place yourself where you want in the turn order.

2- Your turn to Race

On your turn, it's time to race and play the action sequence you planned, or improvise a new path to victory. Action cards are highly versatile, and the way you choose to play your turn can change its outcome drastically.

LOSING TRACTION: In curves, you'll lose traction and get dangerously and increasingly closer to the walls.

BOOSTS: Try to reach boosts that are scattered around the track. They can give you speed, nitro, and can even repair your hovercar.

COLLISIONS: Collide into other players to deal damage to them and push them closer to the walls.

RIVALS: Build up rivals by dealing damage to your opponents. When one of your rivals is destroyed, enter an euphoric state that boosts your racing skills.

DESTRUCTION: When destroyed, quickly repair your hovercar back to the race. You're here to win, and a few hiccups to the plan won't stop you.

CATALYST: If you're too far behind and everything seems lost, focus. Breathe. Feel your catalyst. And show them how a champion is born.


3- Gain Upgrades


Cross Checkpoints to gain Upgrades: powerful and game-changing unique new abilities and action cards to add to your roaster. Build your strategy around the ones you choose, think of and pull off combos, and create your own playstyle. They come in 4 types:

ENHANCEMENT upgrades are a boosted version of one of the base actions in your hand.

MODULE upgrades are completely new action cards to add to your hand, and to your strategies. Each one features a game-changing new opportunity.

PASSIVE upgrades are placed in front of you, and are always taking effect. They are double-sided: Spend another upgrade on them to see their ultimate, second-level ability.

BURST upgrades are so powerful that your hovercar is torn apart upon acquiring and using them. Game changing for sure, but dangerous to play with.

4- Repeat until you Win

Be the first to cross the finish line to win the race and claim the title of Champion.

Once you think you're ready, more challenges await: New races, new game modes, new variants.


Megapulse is the never-ending, pure anti-gravity tabletop racing experience  you've been waiting for .

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