I am working as game designer and graphic designer for Astrolabe Interactive since last summer. Within these few months, I took on several projects. Patching up game design, creating rulebooks, art books, art, mock-ups, etc.

Sacrifice Your Friends - Artbook

Sacrifice Your Friends is a fun brawler game successfully Kickstarted about a year ago by Astrolabe. As promised to the backers, I created an art book featuring the art of the game.

Advent Kingdom - Mock-ups

Advent Kingdom is a narrative-driven city builder game inspired by LARP events. I created a few mock-ups to help choose the graphic design of the game.


Birdie is a light game about birds playing golf. Its simplistic approach to gameplay was also transposed in the simplistic graphic design of the game. I participated largely in the level design and character design of the game.


Gaslands is a wargame taking place in a dystopian future. Players create their own car and bring it to battle against an opponent. I created the droppable hazards for the game, as well as some community art pages in the middle of the rulebook.


Incantation is a board game powered by Alexa in which players will try to learn the magic runes randomly created at the start of the game. Playing as wizard students, they will send spells flying off at their classmates. I created some mock-ups for the app, as well as a rulebook, icons, players boards, and more.